Our team of competent surgeons perform all kinds of oral surgeries,from simple teeth extractions to complex third molar (wisdom teeth ) extractions.

We offer all kinds of tooth colored permanent cosmetic teeth fillings and teeth restorations.

We offer high quality partial and full mouth removable dentures made out of biocompatible materials .

We offer emergency treatment for acute dental pain involving the dental nerve and our focus is to provide the immediate relief for our root canal treatment patients.

We offer the routinely dental cleaning /scaling /polishing of teeth and we encourage our patients to see us every six months for teeth and gums cleaning to get rid of the extra deposits and calculus that might be sitting underneath your gums.

The motive of an ideal orthodontic treatment is to straighten the crooked teeth with either conventional metallic braces or the non metallic /invisible braces (invisalign etc ) We offer both options .but the treatment can vary from patient to patient depending on the severity of the case.

We offer the best dental bleaching /cosmetic laser teeth whitening procedures which can make your teeth up to 4 shades lighter than your natural teeth color dental jewelry is another popular procedure especially amongst our younger female clients .it really does bring attention to your teeth and it's probably the best way to flaunt your smile :) We also offer Dental veneers for front veneers are a great tool for teeth which are so bad and discolored either due to smoking or poor hygiene ,that laser teeth whitening is not working or is not quite enough . That's when dental veneers can really help the patient achieving that "celebrity make over " look.

We offer all kinds of high quality porcelain crown and bridge work for missing teeth and to protect the teeth after root canal treatment. Crowns can vary from metal fused porcelain crowns (which can also look fairly natural ) and metal free/ all ceramic /pure porcelain crowns to give more aesthetically pleasing and more natural look.

We offer highly biocompatible dental implants for missing teeth Dental implants do involve surgical drilling of implants in the jaw bone ,nevertheless it's the closest thing to natural teeth.

Our clinic has the State of the art ,latest digital X-ray facility to diagnose the dental issues.